Renfield (2023) – Reel Review

Longing for life away from his toxic master, Renfield forms a bond with a local police officer to take down a crime family – much to the dismay of his boss, Dracula.  As one of horror culture’s most iconic figures Dracula has been interpreted, parodied and rehashed many times over. Chris McKay’s distinctly comedic approach is nothing new, but what Renfield does attempt is to … Continue reading Renfield (2023) – Reel Review

Creed III (2023) – Reel Review

Director: Michael B. Jordan | Runtime: 1h 56mins | Drama, Sport Shortly after retiring Creed’s old friend Damian is released from jail, still hoping to fulfil his dreams of becoming a boxing champion. As he tries to help his friend Creed also tries to deal with the guilt of their troubled past together. As a follow on from the Rocky films Creed allowed old characters … Continue reading Creed III (2023) – Reel Review

The Rings of Power (Ep 1-4) – Reel Review

Set many years before The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, we follow multiple characters during the Second Age of Middle Earth. Mainly following Galadriel as she hunts the remains of Morgoth’s armies, as well as Elrond maneuvering Elven politics, Durin as the prince of Khazad Dhum, new faces in the Southlands and the Vales of Anduin, and many more. Continue reading The Rings of Power (Ep 1-4) – Reel Review