Renfield (2023) – Reel Review

Longing for life away from his toxic master, Renfield forms a bond with a local police officer to take down a crime family – much to the dismay of his boss, Dracula.  As one of horror culture’s most iconic figures Dracula has been interpreted, parodied and rehashed many times over. Chris McKay’s distinctly comedic approach is nothing new, but what Renfield does attempt is to … Continue reading Renfield (2023) – Reel Review

Creed III (2023) – Reel Review

Director: Michael B. Jordan | Runtime: 1h 56mins | Drama, Sport Shortly after retiring Creed’s old friend Damian is released from jail, still hoping to fulfil his dreams of becoming a boxing champion. As he tries to help his friend Creed also tries to deal with the guilt of their troubled past together. As a follow on from the Rocky films Creed allowed old characters … Continue reading Creed III (2023) – Reel Review

John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) – Reel Review

Director: Chad Stahelski | Runtime: 2h 49mins | Action, Crime, Thriller As John Wick continues to fight for his life against The Table, he discovers a way to finally get out. But, in order to achieve his freedom he must fight off numerous foes and new threats. After gracing us with three gloriously violent films that have comfortably cemented Keanu Reeves’ deadpan action-hero into pop-culture, … Continue reading John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) – Reel Review

Legions (2019) – Reel Review

Director: Dariusz Gajewski | 2h 20mins | War, Drama, Romance | Language: Polish With the explosion of WWI and allied powers at war, a Polish military force is formed to fight against the countries that occupy Poland. While at war, many soldiers fight hardship and heartbreak all in the name of freedom.  The War genre is arguably one of the most overplayed genres to date, … Continue reading Legions (2019) – Reel Review

Rye Lane (2023) – Reel Review

Director: Raine Allen-Miller | 1h 22mins | Comedy, Romance A chance meeting at a mutual friend’s art exhibit leads Dom and Yas on an eventful night through South London, reflecting on their respective break-ups. Raine Allen-Miller’s vibrant romantic comedy is a celebration of its surroundings. Done in the style of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise, in which two people fall in love over a single night, … Continue reading Rye Lane (2023) – Reel Review

Boston Strangler (2023) – Reel Review

Director: Matt Ruskin | 1h 52mins | Drama, Crime, Biography In 1960’s Boston, Journalist Loretta McLaughlin is the first to spot a connection between a string of murders leading to the investigation of the infamous ‘Boston Strangler’.  The niche subgenre of journalistic investigation is spearheaded by Alan Pakula’s All the President’s Men and, more recently, Tom McCarthey’s spectacular Spotlight. Both films are a testament to … Continue reading Boston Strangler (2023) – Reel Review